March 2018 art show BRAVE FREE FRESH NEW at Accent Cellars

Grant Searcey at his show BRAVE FREE FRESH NEW

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by Grant Searcey at Accent Cellars-Dahlonega, GA

March 17th and 18th, 2018

The owners of Accent Cellars and I met months ago to discuss the theme for this art show. It turns out, we’re much more in line than we knew. Allow me to explain.

Both art and wine are rich in tradition. These traditions will always be honored for the contributions that have gotten us to where we are today. As time goes on, it is imperative that we begin to make traditions of our own, not just with art and with wine, but with every aspect of life.

Time stops for no one and inevitably the faces of art, wine and every industry and way of life on our planet will be replaced with new ones. It’s the natural way. New interpretations and fresh ways of thinking redefine the world as we know it. Thinking in new ways takes courage and requires freedom and space for new ideas and new growth. 

Everyday new generations are born into the world. We nurture them and encourage them to be BRAVE. We provide them with FREEDOM for NEW thought and FRESH points of view.

Here we are just days before Spring and I think we can all agree this is the perfect time to celebrate this awakening.

Grant Searcey painting large scale at Brave Free Fresh New

I've had over a dozen solo-art shows in and around Dahlonega, GA. It works really well since there are so many gorgeous wineries and vineyards in the area. In an attempt to make this show even more interesting than offering new paintings for sale, I spray painted a larger scale piece on the actual grass at Accent Cellars Winery. The weather worked out perfectly, people were on the elevated porch watching, but I humbly admit that I underestimated my somewhat ambitious project. I had purchased water-based paints in an attempt to be conscientious of the nearby stream and the plethora of nature immediately surrounding my outdoor canvas. These paints were about triple the price of regular spray paint so I ran out a lot faster than I thought I would. I did my best and truly laughed a lot. I'm so grateful to the fun-loving attendee/on-lookers who took it all in stride with me. Good times come in some unexpected forms now and then. As for finished product shots...let's just say this large scale art piece was more about the process rather than the product. I learned a lot and I already have a great plan for a future large scale paint performance that will work much better!

Grant Searcey and Second Chakra SOLD

March 22, 2018 by Bold Apps

Label Art for Mead

Each label starts with a pencil sketch, then a full marker comp. From their I paint each piece larger at 18" x 24" on average.
November 10, 2017 by Bold Apps

Mountain Dragon

 "Mountain Dragon" by Grant Searcey.

Original painting has the "Cruel Jewel" Crown logo in the dragon's hand as it was created specifically for the 50 and 100 ultra-marathon endurance race May 2017. has been an amazing client for over three years now. I've created their graphics for about 10 races, but this one is my new favorite. Prints of the "Mountain Dragon" are available for purchase in three sizes. Coming soon to my website.

Mountain Dragon Cruel Jewel Awards Table
May 19, 2017 by Bold Apps

Exciting Time of Growth

I sold my first painting at age 20 and was part of my first gallery opening reception coincidentally on my 21st birthday. 20 years later I am painting and selling my work daily. Grant Searcey Artwork can now be found in five locations throughout the southeast with a sixth on the way next week. I'm in the process of moving my studio to a quaint and private location on 16 acres near my home just outside of Dahlonega, GA. In the months to come I'll have art shows approximately every six weeks at various venues, wineries and art festivals. I'm in the process of upgrading my website to offer my entire collection of prints and whatever original paintings are available at any given time. Organizing over 250 images takes some time, but trust me I'm making great progress. I'm also excited about some additional products that I plan on offering soon. High-end stickers for your car, laptop or wherever you see fit as well as a 2018 calendar. Possibly multiple calendars with a variety of themes. I'm thinking one of just Owls, one of just Day of the Dead and one of just Octopi for starters.  To be determined.   

Thank you again for all of your support. Please check my show schedule here on the website and in the meantime be sure to visit my ETSY store.

May 18, 2017 by Bold Apps

Bear on the Square - Bluegrass Festival - Painting Donation

"Sweet Lullaby" original painting donation for Bear on the Square-2016. There's nothing like the original painting, limited edition hand-signed prints will be available soon.

Bear on the Square is a Bluegrass Music and Appalachian Art Festival held this year on April 15th, 16th and 17th, 2016 in downtown Dahlonega, GA. I'll have a booth in the Marketplace this year. The live auction, where this painting will be purchased by someone, is Friday, April 15th around 7pm.  This is the 4th consecutive year I've created and donated an original painting for this festival. Learn more at

"Totem Animals" at ZaPow! Art Gallery in downtown Asheville, NC

I just hung five new large original paintings in the windows of ZaPow! Art Gallery in Asheville, NC. Four of them are 42" x 36" x 2.5" and the bear, called "Confident Power" is 36" x 24" x 2.5".  These will be on display and for sale here until January 23rd, 2016.  Prints are available from me directly and soon at ZaPow as well.  

Large Original Painting on Silent Auction for a Cause

Danielle Dickinson and Beau B. Everette are my friends and I want to help them. I'm donating a large original painting to a silent auction at a fundraising event called Shucking for Shamrocks at Shenanigans Irsh Pub in Dahlonega Downtown. This event has been raising money for MS for six years now. It gets bigger and better every year. So if you like any of the following: art, live music, Irish Pubs, donating to a good cause and having a kick ass Labor Day weekend then you should come. 

Grant Searcey Artwork.

August 23, 2015 by Grant Searcey

"Unbound" art show and reception 2pm to 5pm Saturday, Sept. 26th at Three Sisters Vineyards near Dahlonega, GA


ALL New Art Show from Grant Searcey - Dahlonega Based Artist

Art show and Opening Reception at Three Sisters Vineyards on September 26th, 2015 from 2pm to 5pm.

Artist Statement

For 21 years I have been anchored down by fear. Tethered to a safety zone. The whole world has been waiting for me out there, but I always believed it was too dangerous for me. I have told myself that risk, travel and adventure was for others, but not for me in this life. One day this limit to my stagnation had been reached and I decided I could remain stationary no longer.  I overcame the fears that held me back. I pulled myself up by my own roots that had grown so deep down into my foundation of fear and I embarked on a journey.  I went as far away as I could and it was scary as hell. It was also the most beautiful adventure of my life so far.  I put it all on the line and I won freedom. A freedom that I never thought possible. Now that I know I can do it, the question is no longer "can I?", rather "when and where will I?".

I have felt true liberation during this journey. I have howled from happiness when laughter wasn't enough.  I have as many options as there are stars in the sky. I am UNBOUND.

Grant Searcey

Studio open by appointment at 18 N. Park St. Dahlonega, GA 30533


Quinlan Visual Arts Center - April 16th through June 6th, 2015 Solo Show

Riders on the Storm

Where Light and Dark Collide

by Grant Searcey


Grant Searcey is a fine art painter and professional illustrator currently based in scenic Dahlonega, Georgia.


He has the gift of being able to tap into a child-like imagination and turn these visions into whimsical works of visual art.


"Painting has actually become a type of meditation for me. I put on my favorite music and dive into another world of pure creativity for hours at a time. In June of 2004 I received a life-saving heart transplant. I had been very ill with Cardiomyopathy from age 18 to 28 and a new heart was my only option for life. The operation was a success and my artwork has played a crucial role in helping me survive and recover. The creative process has been a means of therapeutic expression both pre and post-transplant. During times when I’ve questioned whether I would live or die, I have repeatedly turned to painting as a powerful coping mechanism. When faced with the simple fact that I would either survive getting a new heart or die trying, life became very simple.  Life or death?  If I live, I'm on bonus time in a sense. It's time to do exactly what I am on this planet to do.  In my case, it's to paint and create art. Eleven years now with a new heart and the battle is not over.


Instead of fighting on a literal battlefield, I fight daily with insurance companies, new policies and political changes that directly affect my quality of life.  I fight for affordable medications. I fight scheduling angiograms, heart biopsies, prescription drug side effects and finding the right doctors.  I fight to stay healthy while consuming powerful drugs that suppress my immune system. In short, painting and creating is how I deal with perceived urgency and stress.


Life - death. Joy - depression. Light - dark. Everything that we experience has an opposite. The light shines brighter when surrounded by darkness. We feel happier when we know what sadness is like. One world cannot exist without there other. The lower we go, the higher we can bounce back.  For this show, Riders on the Storm, I explore this dichotomy and the "storm" itself is the turbulent ride we're on during the process.


The subject matter is somewhat tribal in nature. Fighting for my life for so many years has led me to imagine myself as a warrior. My warrior of choice is my own made-up idealized conglomeration of a Native American Brave mixed in with a bit of Viking and some Aztec influences. The raven and eagle inspired bird-like additions to this imaginary world are used as highlights and further character development for my warrior's medicinal and shamanic beliefs.   


Will your warrior give in to darkness and stay there or will your warrior fight on and live in the light?


Every day is a choice."


Generally speaking, Grant's overall inspiration comes from a variety of sources. "It's a melting pot of mother nature, science fiction, comic books, steampunk, graffiti and street art".


Three of his paintings are being reproduced and distributed globally by Lucasfilm® (now Disney). A recent painting was part of a “Collection of Rare Interpretive Art Work” inspired by the popular TV show Family Guy. In association with Twentieth Century Fox and Acme Archives this show launched in Hollywood, CA and toured around the world. Disney Underground accepted Mr. Searcey's darker interpretation of the Seven Dwarfs entitled "The Seven".  Disney actively sells this piece world-wide and most prominently at Disneyland in Annaheim, CA.


The City of Hermosa Beach, CA selected one of Mr. Searcey's paintings as their featured artwork in 2011. Banners featuring this sea-life themed work of art can be seen up and down main street in this Los Angeles beach community to this day.


Grant grew up in a small rural community in Nebraska. With fewer distractions, he felt that his imagination was allowed to blossom. He studied Fine Art and Art History at Nebraska Wesleyan University and later graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Psychology.   While attending college and living in Lincoln, NE he took part in his first gallery reception at the Burkholder Project at age 20.  In 1996 he sold his first painting and he's been putting his talents to work ever since. After a decade living and painting in San Diego and Los Angeles with brief stints in Taos, New Mexico his path has brought him to the mountains of North Georgia.


Currently, he lives and paints in Dahlonega, Georgia with a retail gallery and studio location inside of Canvas and Cork. Grant's work can also be found at ZaPOW! Art Gallery in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. (and online at


"I sincerely thank you for your interest in my artwork and I appreciate your support."


Grant Searcey

"Feathered Nation" Art Show to be held at Three Sisters Vineyards - Dahlonega, GA


Been painting all new work for this show. AND the part I'm really excited about is the wine bottle with featuring never-before-seen artwork I've created exclusively for Three Sisters Vineyards and this new release. Come by on Saturday, September 20th anytime between 3pm and 8pm. See the show, try the great wines and enjoy LIFE!!! Grant

September 14, 2014 by Grant Searcey