Label Art for Mead

Etowah Meadery Label Art

Paw paw mead sketch

logo sketch Etowah Meadery

fig sketch

I was hired to conceptualize a logo and a character for a new company called the Etowah Meadery. I came up with a bear character who is depicted a variety of scenarios, each of which relate to a specific type of mead. For example, I created a mobster bear holding some figs while giving a menacing look to the viewer behind curled lips holding a big cigar. Instead of 'forget about it', I named it "FIGettaboudit". 

Each label starts with a pencil sketch, then a full marker comp. From their I paint each piece larger at 18" x 24" on average. I capture digital high resolution photos of each painting and do all of the graphic design formatting to format the labels themselves to industry specs. 

The Etowah Meadery is not the first company who has hired me to design labels for their product. Others include, Cavender Creek Vineyards and the "Fox's Fine Wine Collection" as well as Three Sisters Vineyards infamous "43 Pound Possum" label artwork.  

November 10, 2017 by Bold Apps